Andrew Bundy is a pop singer-songwriter based out of San Francisco, CA, whose soulful vocals, confessional lyrics and keyboard-driven production draw comparison to Elton John, Billy Joel, Coldplay, and Rufus Wainwright. Influenced heavily by folk tunesmiths, musical theater, 60's soul, 90's R&B, and classical music, Andrew's songwriting is rooted in personal storytelling, expressive melodies, rich harmony and social conscience - which he uses to humanize LGBTQ+ issues and promote social justice. 

Andrew has been performing around the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 20 years - including regular shows at Martuni's Bar, The Lost Church and Cafe du Nord - and currently co-produces a Nashville-style songwriters round in San Francisco with fellow artist and songwriter, Samantha Margret. Andrew's songs have received recognition by the West Coast Songwriters and the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) and is also a member of the Los Angeles Songwriting Collective. 

Andrew is currently working on his first EP "Good As I Came" - set for release in late 2020 - with producer Trent Berry (Dreamrack Studios) and mixer Jamieson Durr (Wally's HydeOut) at the historic Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco, CA. His lead single "Day I Learned to Cry" will be available on all streaming platforms on August 14, 2020. 

Born in San Diego, CA, Andrew started playing piano at the age of 6 but didn’t discover singing until several years later. His earliest musical influences came from his parents’ Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul and Mary, Frederic Chopin, and Barbara Streisand records in addition to his father’s own singing around the house - a smooth baritone reminiscent of Bobby Darin or Perry Como. After years of performing in recitals with his sister, Andrew got involved with musical theater in high school.  

An obsession with Tori Amos and the emotional struggle of being a young closeted gay teenager inspired Andrew to start writing his own songs at the age of 15. In college, Andrew immersed himself in the world of music direction and a capella - having spent his time at UC Berkeley as a member of the national-championship-winning UC Men's Octet, and of BareStage - a student-run, student-directed theater company - where he served as actor, musical director and songwriter for various productions. 

It wasn't until after college that Andrew found his voice as a solo artist - evolving his musical style and songwriting voice by performing original music at open mics throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Andrew currently lives in San Francisco's Mission District with his husband, Chris. His music is available for purchase through his website and on all streaming platforms.